Expanding Awareness

A Breathwork, Sananga, and Sound Experience

  • 65 Canadian dollars
  • Nirmāṇa ॐ School of Yoga

Service Description

This integrative healing ceremony is sacred and revered to Caelan and Nicole for its powerful synergistic effect of combining Sananga plant medicine, Rebirth Breathwork and Sound Bath journey. ~~~~~~ This non-psychedelic plant medicine, Sananga, is from the Amazon and traditionally used to clear and heal ones vision, both on the physical and mental planes, and was often used to improve night vision for hunting. It sharpens ones ability to see and sense their outer and inner world; decalcifying the pineal gland, opening the energy centres and bringing the body into homeostasis. Being a fire medicine with some spiciness but safe and grounding experience, the spirit of this plant calls you to surrender to the intensity of sensation and allow it to open you up to a greater capacity to feel into and be WITH the moment and your highest truth. ~~~~ Similarly, the rebirth breathwork technique is known to safely guide you through a somatic healing process where you are empowered to release and transmute any blocked energies, suppressed emotions or traumas stored within the cells of the body. When we allow this healthy full expression of suppressed energy to become free, accompanied by conscious breath, we initiate a powerful realignment with our authentic self-expression and truth. Through a continuous wave of breathing consciously, we are empowered to safely descend into emotional holding patterns and then ascend into a sense of integrated freedom, open-hearted love and spacious peace, essentially alchemizing our traumas into insight, clarity and reconnection with our authentic purpose. A natural “heroes' journey” rebirth is revealed through surrendering to this full-bodied breath and finding a sense of shared unified permission to express truth-fully with all participants. ~~~~ Caelan and Nicole's attuned facilitation will carry you safely through this healing ceremony. We will have an integration sharing circle and potluck afterwards to reground and share openly about any poignant insights, experiences or visions that arose during the journey. Important note: Please do not eat too closely to session. Make sure your previous meal is light or has been well-digested. Please bring: - water - food for snack potluck (light & plant-based) - extra blanket/pillows (if desired) - an open heart and mind to trying something new

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Please let us know if you need to cancel a class last minute so that we can invite someone from the waitlist to take your place. We understand that life happens, not to worry, if you are unable to show up for class, we will remove your booking so that you don't lose a class pass.

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