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The word Nirmana is a Sanskrit word that translates in many different ways in the East, commonly 'change', 'transformation', 'without pride' and it truly speaks to the deeply transformative qualities of this ancient and most sacred practice. Nirmana Yoga Loft came to be out of the desire to be of service in our community, doing our part to be a light in the darkness. With the rapidly growing divisive nature of our present reality, the practice of Yoga, which translates directly as 'to yoke' or 'to unite', is more important now than ever before. 

Union is at the core of the heart & soul of the practice of Yoga. Not only the union that takes place within the microcosm of Self via mind, body, spirit, but also the macrocosmic union of our Communities, our Countries, and our Planet. Yoga is an ancient practice of self-realization, a mental science of knowing oneSelf so that we may realize for ourSelves the Oneness of which we belong to. The concept of Unity is not just a fluffy term used in new age, esoteric, spiritualism but is a matter of understanding within Quantum Science and other scientific insights. 

We created this space for you, or in the spirit of Oneness, for US. To provide a safe space for personal discovery, spiritual practices, and respite from the traumas and challenges we face along our path. This is an inclusive space that views all sentient beings as One and we seek to revive the deep, sacred roots of Yoga that the Western World has long forgotten. We'd like to invite you to join our community, to share in the ineffable Oneness that we are all a part of, and to truly come home to yourSelf. "We are all just walking eachother home." - Ram Dass


"Teaching yoga itself is great karma yoga, because it reconnects people to the source."     -    Amit Ray

The team at Nirmana Yoga Loft is made up of a conscious collective of heart-centered teachers who desire to teach the heart & soul of yoga well beyond just poses. We come from a variety of backgrounds, practices, and specialties, but all share the same commitment to teach in such a way that it supports our community in turning inwards to begin the more subtle practices of self-inquiry & self-realization.



Founder, Yoga Teacher & YTT Lead Faculty
Holistic Nutrition & Inner Wellness Practitioner
Past Life Regressionist & Spiritual Guide
Retreats, Ceremonial Circles, Shamanic Practitioner

Jessi stumbled into the practice of yoga as a way to manage IBS & mental health, but she quickly fell in love with the physicality of yoga, and began her training in 2013. She had no idea of the depth of philosophy & sacred history that this training would introduce her to, which has completely transformed her life and plunged her into a never-ending journey of Self-discovery. She shares the practice of yoga with others  through drop-in yoga classes, in retreat settings, and in her Yoga Teacher Trainings as an offering of profound transformation and is excited about seeing her community evolve in awareness & consciousness. She is a forever student of the ancient mystery schools of wisdom, earth medicines, and healing practices and is always gathering more knowledge to integrate into her own life in order to deepen her own practice so that she has more to share with her students. She teaches from the heart, using her own experience and vulnerability to create a safe space for others to open up to the profound & ineffable mystery of being.

Cait Graup.jpg


Yoga Teacher & YTT Faculty
Reiki Master & Reiki Trainer
Sacred Sound Practitioner
Transformative Retreat Facilitator

Caitlin began practicing yoga over 12 years ago, not realizing at the time the profound effect it would have on her life in the years to come, not only physically but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She had no idea that by taking a deeper dive into what it means to live a yogic lifestyle, not just on the mat but in all aspects of life, that her true life's purpose would be revealed. In addition to teaching weekly classes, Caitlin is a Reiki Energy Healer, and Sacred Sound Practitioner, co-hosts quarterly retreats, and leads Reiki Attunement Trainings. Her offerings inspire us to look inward to discover that everything you need is already within, waiting to be discovered.



Gentle & Restorative Yoga Teacher

Reiki & Hands On Healing

Sound Healing Practitioner

Sacred Ceremony Facilitator

Megan dove deep into the practice of yoga as respite for a crumbling nervous system and relief from autoimmunity. After experiencing the profound impact that yoga has had on her life it is now her intention as a teacher to make this practice inclusive & accessible to people of all abilities as a therapeutic tool for mind, body, and spirit. As a former massage therapist, Megan brings a deep understanding of the structure & function of the body and helps to safely guide others into a practice of releasing deep tension, deep emotion, and cultivating an inner sense of calm.

Cris happy.jpg


Hatha Yoga Teacher
Astrology & Birth Chart Readings
Cosmic Connections Course

Cris has been practicing yoga for over 13 years, and in 2019 pursued the necessary and life changing training to become a certified Hatha yoga teacher. This decision came at a pivotal time in her life; she was experiencing a deep curiosity, healthy skepticism, and intense confusion about the meaning and purpose of life. The study of yoga set her on this profound path of self-discovery. She attributes her deeply personal life experiences with travel, substance abuse and sobriety, holistic healing, and psychotherapy to her methods of teaching and way of being; she aims to create a community of safety, vulnerability, inclusivity, and understanding. Cris’ deepest desire is to lead her life by example; to embrace what it means to be human and give permission for others to do the same. When she's not teaching yoga, you'll find her teaching swimming lessons, leading astrology courses and full moon circles, giving in-depth birth chart readings, all in addition to being a full-time University student.

Katie Bushie.PNG


Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher
Award Winning Psycho Practitioner
Retired Social Worker

Katie Bushie is an award winning Psycho Practitioner & Yoga Instructor and a dedicated ally to those seeking their fully expressed life through the lens of trauma recovery, self agency & movement. Following the intuitive calling of retiring from the social services forum at the age of 35 and profound personal healing through yoga/mindfulness, Katie can be found deeply connecting with communities across Ontario both on and off the mat, in studios and places of healing to include collaborations with first responders, military and individuals moving through trauma recovery.



Kundalini & Yin Yoga Teacher

Tarot Reader & Intuitive

Reiki & Sound Healing Practitioner

Co-Owner of Simply Sacred Shoppe

Jennifer began her yoga journey over 11 years ago as a way to release the stresses of everyday life. After a few years of practicing she yearned for a deeper connection to the practice and took her first Yoga Teacher Training. Since then Jennifer has completed several YTTs with a major focus on awakening the Shakti Energy through Kundalini Yoga, which has been deeply transformative for her. She incorporates all of her trainings, energy healing, intuition and knowledge into each class she teaches to ensure a safe, inclusive and welcoming class for all, making the practice of Kundalini more approachable for those brand new to the techniques.



Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Teacher
Reiki Level 1 Practitioner

Tara is a whole-hearted advocate for the transformative powers of yoga and meditation! She suffered from frequent panic attacks for most of her life, as well as being diagnosed with arthritis in both her knees at a young age. Her search for physical and spiritual healing brought her to the practice of yoga and she quickly knew she was exactly where her she belonged. Her own practice has helped her find a sense of radical self-love, acceptance, and reverence for the wisdom of the body, and she is passionate about helping her students discover their own great teachers within. Tara recently completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at the esteemed Yandrara Yoga Institute in Todos Santos, Mexico. Her training awakened a thirst for knowledge that will ensure she is a lifelong student of the practice of yoga. She is currently learning to play the ukulele and harmonium and enjoys participating in kirtan circles. When she’s not practising yoga, you can find her spending time in nature, or in her workshop sewing up all kinds of unique creations. 

KaityL (2).jpg


Certified Iridologist
Ionic Foot Detoxification
Muscle Testing & Nutrition

Kaity fell in love with the practice of Iridology and how the dysfunction and imbalance of the body is reflected in the eye. After finishing a comprehensive Iridology training course she became certified in muscle testing, a process which uses a person’s energy field to determine where they are out of harmony. She is actively studying bio-energetics and other healing modalities to support restoring energetic harmony. Through the eyes and energy field we can see what is revealed about you and come up with a unique plan for healing to begin. Book a treatment or consultation with Kaity in her studio clinic at

P1091902 (1).jpg


Rebrith Breathwork Facilitator
Somatic & Holistic Healing 

Conscious Relationship Coach

Caelan Wilson carries deep passion and sincere care for facilitating individual and group healing processes to activate an authentic re-connection with self, other, nature and spiritual truth. He expresses his holistic-minded approach to healing and awakening through Holistic Counselling, Rebirth Breathwork facilitation, Somatic healing modalities, Men's Circle/Retreat Facilitation, Conscious Relationship Coaching, Authentic Relating Workshops and Community Reconciliation work. Caelan believes through taking conscious response-ability for our own inner healing journey, we can heal personal disease, suffering and confusion, and realign with our authentic truth and deeply meaningful connections with all of life. Join Caelan monthly for conscious breathwork journeys, or inquire about private sessions at:

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